Stop Racism- Black Lives Matter, All Lives Matter!

Greetings everyone, i trust and hope you are all alright and in good health together with family. There has been quite a lot that’s been going on lately, first the pandemic, the world economy heading downhill and the murder of George Floyd in Police Custody. The Police are supposed to protect the people but instead they are the ones we need to be protected from, that doesn’t make anyone feel the slightest bit safe. There are protests all over the world about his murder and Black Lives Matter. I am writing about this because this affects me, first, as a human being and secondly as a black person. I may be privileged enough to be in an area where there is no racism ( i haven’t witnessed or been a victim of), but not everyone is as privileged and that causes a call for concern.

There are so many things that one has to worry about in the world- diseases, hunger, being homeless, death or other natural disasters. All of these, one has to worry or fear in one way or the other. But it most certainly doesn’t make sense that we have to add each other as humans on the list, worry about being racially abused or killed by another human being. What logic is there? How does it all make sense to kill or hurt another human being? How is race still an issue in 2020??? It’s disgusting, disturbing, upsetting, frustrating and very sad!

The Earth should be a safe heaven for each and every one that is born and lives on it. Everyone has the right to peace and freedom, the right to live! What then, is the future going to be like if our children keep seeing and hearing about such things going on between and amongst humans of different races? It’s like a cancer, racism will keep eating away humanity till there’s nothing left but darkness and hatred. I am with the people, and i am with everyone else’s voice. We all bleed the same! Stop the killing, Black lives Matter, All Lives Matter, STOP RACISM FOR GOODNESS’ SAKE! A huge applaud to the many voices out there in the world, spread the word and save lives.

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