Laptop Gadgets-Improve Your Laptop User Experience

Explore these awesome laptop gadgets that will no doubt make it a joy to work on or use your laptop.

Laptop Keyboard Protector Skin

These are thin materials made or either plastic, silicon or polyurethane used to cover the keyboard of a laptop.

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They are a great choice for protecting your laptop keyboard from dust and minor spills of water, juice or any other fluids. Comparatively, silicone is a more protective and stronger substance which cannot be penetrated by liquids (unless they are corrosive alcohol), such as oil and water.

However, sometimes it can be annoying to keep the floppy sheet with the system. Can be bought from Amazon US.


Laptop Cooling Pad(ft Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad)

Kootek Laptop Cooling Pad

The Kootek Chill Mat 5 is a high quality cooling pad with flexibility in spades, and benefits from a mid-range price-tag. Housing a dual USB hub for connecting additional devices, with a pair of stoppers at the front to prevent your laptop from sliding off no matter which of the six different height options you end up choosing. It’s an all-rounder and qualifies to be called the budget laptop cooling pad. It can accommodate laptops sized between 12 and 17 inches, has a total of 5 fans of which you can switch between modes that activate only one fan, four fans, or all five.

Quite alright the number of fans doesn’t always necessarily indicate cooling power but it does tell us that it can dispense some heat, which is a good thing.

Find it at Amazon US.


External Hard Drive/Storage

Seagate External Hard Drive

We have to agree here that no matter what amount of storage space your device/laptop has, its just never enough. Therefore, consider the following before you think of buying one:

First you must consider how much space you need for all your files, secondly are you looking for the external hard drives with traditional drives or external SSDs (these are faster but please note that they are quite expensive for their speed, and you wont get much in terms of capacity), and thirdly your budget. So it really depends on how much storage space you need and how much you’re willing to spend for it.

Check out the Seagate 2TB USB3.0 2.5-inch external portable hard drive at Amazon US.



HooToo USB-C Hub

As technology advances you may have noticed that some ports are being discontinued, what now you ask?! well, no need to panic, the USB-C hub is here to the rescue.

The HooToo USB-C Hub, a 7 in 1 USB-C, has a 4K HDMI port, supports pass-through charging of up to 100W(Adapter with 100W PD Charging) , 3 USB 3.0 Ports, an SD/TF Card Reader ports. Found at Amazon.


Wireless Portable Mouse

TECKNET Wireless Mouse

Not everyone is comfortable with the touch pad, especially for the gamer. Here’s a wireless portable mouse with a good price-to-value ratio.

From Amazon US, the TECKNET Bluetooth wireless mouse (BM308) has no need for a receiver for it connects directly with a Bluetooth-enabled device/laptop or desktop. It comes in variety of 5 colors for you to choose from I.e. blue, black, Grey, purple, and red. It works with 2 AA batteries.


The Lap Desk

Laptop Lap Desk

Also known as a portable laptop desk, it can really make your work on your laptop a lot easier and more comfortable in the absence of an actual desk or table.

For example when you decide to work from the couch or in the comfort of your bed, it helps reduce burns from having your laptop on your laps.

Made from natural bamboo, the LapGear BamBoard Pro Lap Desk has a wrist rest, convenient area for a mouse pad, phone holder, and pencil slots. It fits up to 17.3″ laptops and most tablets: 22″ x 15″ surface dimensions. It also has 18 ventilation holes to allow for proper laptop ventilation for improved air-flow, as recommended by laptop manufacturers.

Find this product HERE.


Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Flare Mini Bluetooth Speaker

Be it play music in our rooms, or watching a horror movie we prefer our sound to be amazing, and we are all too tired of the wired speakers because how many cables are we going to have on our work space?… Too many!

Anker has what you need, the Anker Soundcore Flare Mini Bluetooth Speaker. Get it from here, this feature packed Bluetooth speaker comes with:

You can connect 2 Flare Mini outdoor Bluetooth speakers via a single Bluetooth device to enhance your stereo sound, can connect with any device including Apple products, its high-efficiency Li-ion battery ensures you get 12 hours of non-stop thumping sound and pulsing lights from a single charge, Super-safe IPX7 waterproof protection effortlessly withstands spills, rain, and even complete submersion (for 30 minutes) in water, and houses a light show I.e. you can watch a halo of LEDs phase, pulse, and glow with the rhythm of your music for a next-level listening experience.

Waterproof/resistant Laptop Backpack

Lastly and probably the most important in our list here is the laptop backpack, but not just any laptop backpack but the keep-water-away kind. Laptops are very valuable and expensive devices and therefore have to be well protected, thus an investment in a waterproof laptop backpack is a great choice.

Asenline Water resistant Backpack

Not only because will it house all or most of your laptop gadgets but because you will also have your laptop in it for safety and convenience. You most certainly wont be carrying your laptop around with your hands wherever you go, it will be exhausting and such a hustle.

These, unlike ordinary backpacks, are made of rubber and or plastic, rendering them both waterproof and dustproof. This will extend all your gadgets’ lifetime I.e. those that you keep/carry in the backpack with the laptop.

The Asenlin Travel Laptop Backpack is one of these mentionable backpacks, find it HERE.

All Set, Packed And Ready To Go

Take good care of your devices and gadgets, try to get what is necessary to support their performance and improve your user experience with them as well as help extend their lifetime. In case, I may have left out anything you think that could have been included in the mentioned laptop gadgets/accessories, please leave your comment(s) below and I will surely look into it. Thank you

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