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Smart-What? What Is A Smartphone?

When we look at the definition from the Oxford dictionary, a smartphone is defined as a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps.

Smartphones are run by different OS (operating systems), and the most popular of these include Android OS and Apple(iOS). Any of these platforms is a great choice, it only varies on individual preferences.

As for other platforms such as Blackberry, they’ve announced that they will still support their devices with BlackBerry OS until the end of 2020, and as for Windows, Microsoft isn’t building any new features for windows phones and as of this year, Microsoft will abandon the entire platform altogether.

So for those with a windows or blackberry platform running smartphone, it would be a great idea to start searching for an android or iOS running smartphone.

Why A Smartphone?

Smartphones are some of the most used handheld devices in our daily lives, and some of the most diverse electronic devices out there. Their uses ranging from mere answering calls and sending messages to using it for a power point presentations in a cooperate meeting.

Here are some of the things you can do on a smartphone:

  • Mobile gaming
  • Internet browsing, send and receive e-mails, do online classes/courses
  • Download different apps
  • Take photos, shoot videos
  • Make video calls
  • Draw (similar with Samsung Note series)
  • Staying up-to-date on breaking news and tracking finances
  • Go to anywhere in the  world using Google Maps app

There is almost no limit to what you can do with or on your smartphone because they are being made more powerful with each phone release, features and update.

What Determines The “Best Value'” For A Smartphone?

Samsung, iPhone, OnePlus, Google, Sony, Huawei, Mi/Xiaomi, Oppo, HTC, Nokia, Asus, RealMe etc. The list goes on, and all these brands have phones that are priced differently depending on the built quality, specifications, and to some extent brand name, from least expensive to very expensive.

Fortunately you can still find and have a great smartphone with great built quality and top-end specifications able to rival the top flagship phones from mobile giants like Samsung and Apple, for an affordable price.

Take these three smartphones for example: Samsung S10+, Huawei P30 pro and OnePlus 7T, all three of these phones have quality built with minimal variation in specifications.

But when it comes to price, the OnePlus 7T comes at a cheaper price as compared to the other two. Now that is value for your money!

So if you want a mobile device that is priced beyond your budget, whose built quality and performance are similar if not equal to that of a cheaper much affordable mobile device, why not go for the cheaper much affordable one?! This applies to everyone else, even when you have a lot of money to spend think about the what exactly are you paying for/buying.

Getting used and committed to a certain make of smartphone is good, but there are times when a little flexibility  will take you a long way, you may realize that trying out something new is actually a good thing. You might actually save up more than you spend.

Always ask yourself this question before you spend your money: “Are you getting your money’s worth?” If your answer is yes, then by all means do spend that cash, but if your answer is no please think about and look at other probable alternatives that may have what you are looking for in a smartphone.

There is no best phone in all aspects, what one lacks the other makes up in a different category. So at the end of the day its all about personal preferences and what you use your phone for.

Stay Updated

You don’t  necessarily have to have the latest phone on the market but you do need a phone  that meets your demands from a smartphone. This all depends on what you will be using your phone for and how you will be using it.

Take me for example i use a Samsung Galaxy Note 9, its my daily driver. I mostly use it for drawing and picture editing, playing my favorite mobile games such PUBG mobile, Mobile Legends, Call Of Duty mobile, Modern Combat Vs and Real Racing 3( just to mention a few), Taking photos of the world around me and do my work related tasks using Office Suit app.

It does everything i need/expect from a smartphone, for me that is. Plus, Samsung is still rolling out updates for the phone thus keeping it up-to-date with the newest phones on the market and still beat some phones in its class.Therefore an upgrade for me wouldn’t be at all necessary.

Here are some the reasons why people get/buy new phones/upgrade from their current phone:

  • Broken screen(where getting a new phone is more convenient and cheaper than replacing the broken screen)
  • fell in water(for non water resistant phones)
  • Phone was stolen
  • want to have the best
  • current phone doesn’t receive updates anymore, failing to keep up with the times
  • current phone doesn’t meet your expectations
  • Someone is offering to buy them a new phone

This may not be the same for everyone, the drives for buying a new phone vary from one person to the next. For others it may be because its for luxury purposes or just keeping up with appearances/status.

But remember that not every upgrade is necessary. If your phone can still do everything you want it to do for you, there is no need for an upgrade.

Be Smart, & Get A Smartphone

Life has been made and is becoming more simpler by the day, all thanks to the rapid growth of mobile technology. A smartphone is more than just a mere phone; it’s a media player, gaming console, camera, video recorder, document editor, your remote control, electronic assistant, postman, and GPS navigational device.

It’s your handy tech tool for navigating your day and managing your life, especially with the millions of apps available to download for simplifying and enhancing your everyday life.

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